Katie & Eric- Natchitoches Wedding Photography

In late June, I landed at the Alexandria airport in Louisiana and in my bright green rental Ford Fiesta, I drove to one of the most beautiful little small towns I’ve ever been to- Natchitoches (where the movie Steel Magnolias was filmed). I pulled up to the Judge Porter House, where I’d be staying for the next two days. I lugged all my gear up to my room, opened my door, and it took my breath away. A gigantic four-post bed that took up most the room sat in front of me. Beautiful lace draped windows wrapped the room. A huge “getting ready” bathroom was also attached to my room. And that’s when I knew this weekend wasn’t going to be my average wedding. I was in the south…the beautiful, green, welcoming, charming and loving south. After I got a few deep fried things for lunch, I drove around scouting the area. The trees were in bloom and the weather was perfect. That evening I photographed Katie and Eric’s rehearsal dinner and was treated to a huge buffet of Louisiana delicacies. On the water, the small rehearsal dinner location offered stunning sunset views. Up early the next morning, I was lucky enough to take part in a fattening breakfast at the Judge Porter House…I mean there’s no other way to put it. And BOY was it good!! It consisted of cream wrapped with more cream. Then, a full day of beautiful heartwarming smiles, laughter, hugs, songs and love filled the hours. An old (and dark!) church was the perfect backdrop for the ceremony.  I really can’t describe how magical it all seemed- how they all welcomed me like family- and how just a very small, one-weekend adventure will stay with me the rest of my life. I hope you love these pictures as much as I loved taking them! XO Jess

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