Jeffrey Mansion Family Photos

Without a doubt, Renee is one of my best friends so whenever I get to photograph her family, it feels like so much more. She is truly my soul sister and I’m so thankful that we bonded over art all those years ago, but more importantly, reconnected again almost 10 years ago.

I love the way they used this session time, also.  A lot of people change outfits for their engagement shoots or for headshots, but not many families even think to have multiple outfits for their kids. And they were able to take their fall photo session and stretch it into an all-season look that they used for their holiday cards as well. Can we also just pause for a minute and appreciate how absolutely stunning their two daughters are? It has been an honor getting to see these two as they grow up. And grow up they are! Elanore just turned 8 yesterday! So much love to the Robbins!

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