leena bean coffee

Columbus Brand Photography

Ok, I have been excited to post about this shoot since the moment I took these. Meet Leena, the tripod dog, and namesake of Leena Bean Coffee. Her adopted mother Ashley created her coffee company for the sole purpose of giving back to dogs like Leena, who need medical care and support. A portion of every sale goes to dogs in need of a better life. And let me tell you, this is not just coffee. It is smooth delicious amazing morning juice. Seriously, can I give you all my money? We have had her coffee in constant supply in our home ever since the day I met these two. These photos were used to populate the Leena Bean website which can be seen here. Everything from her logo to her packaging, and now her brand photography is so well thought out. I am a super-fan of this company and can’t encourage you enough to give her coffee a try! Thank you Ashley for this very special day and shoot. XO J

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